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Spring 2016 Season

Welcome to the Westport Little League

Curfew is 8:05pm

Registration For 8u to 12u Summer Baseball is Now Open!!!

Registration for District and non-District summer baseball is now open for 12u, 11u, 10u, 9u and 8u. If your child is interested in playing District or non-District summer baseball, please register your child by clicking HERE or by clicking on the “Register Online” tab along the left side of the page, and registering under the banner entitled “2016 Summer Baseball - 8u to 12u Registration”.

To register you must complete the online registration form and pay a District/non-District summer non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per player. Every player who registers will be placed on a District or non-District summer team based mainly by their on-field performance during the spring Little League baseball season, with additional consideration given to their ability to commit to District or non-District summer baseball.

All players interested in playing District baseball are required to participate in clinics for their age group expected to be held in May on dates that will be announced soon.

The types of 2016 Westport Baseball Summer Teams are:

District Teams

Westport will field a 10U, 11U, and 12U District team. There is no District team for the 8u or 9u age groups. To be eligible to play on a District team, a player must, among other qualifications, be currently playing spring Little League baseball in Westport, play in 60% of his/her team's regular season games as of June 15 and be within the 10u, 11u or 12u age group as set forth in the 2016 Little League Age Chart published by Little League International.  A copy of the Age Chart is located on the welcome page of our website at   

The registration fee per player for each District team will be approximately $225.00 (to be billed later). The registration fee for the District teams includes umpire fees, team equipment, tournament fees, balls, player caps, game and practice jerseys, coach shirts and hats, indoor batting cage time, insurance, field maintenance and administration fees.  All players wishing to play on a District team must commit to being available from June 1 to the end of Westport's participation in the Little League District Tournament.

Non-District Teams

The non-District summer season begins approximately at the end of school and ends in late July.

Westport will field teams in the 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u and 12u age groups. Depending upon interest, these teams will play in a combination of Little League District-run tournaments, local friendship or in-town leagues.  Once the season starts, teams may individually choose to enter into separate baseball tournaments.

The fees for the non-District summer programs include umpire fees, team equipment, tournament fees, balls, coaches shirts and hats, insurance, field maintenance and administration fees. Each team is expected to play up to 20 games, depending on league participation. The cost per player for the non-District summer program is currently undeterminable, as it depends on a variety of factors, including level of participation, number of games to be played and tournaments entered. More information will be made available on the cost in the next few weeks.

Coaches Needed for Non-District Summer Teams!!

Westport Little League Baseball is looking for parent volunteer coaches to coach its non-District summer baseball teams at the 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u and 12u age groups. If you are interested in coaching a team, please contact David Goldshore, Summer Commissioner, at or Jim Kabakow, Vice President – Little League Baseball, at to indicate your interest.  Those interested in coaching this summer should contact David or Jim by Friday, May 13, 2016. Please remember, Westport Little League relies on volunteers to coach our baseball teams. Our inability to recruit volunteer coaches means we need to either hire a coach (which increases the cost of participation) or not field teams during the summer. Please help by volunteering your time this summer to coach baseball. 

If you have any questions, please contact David Goldshore, Summer Commissioner at , Nick Zinzi, Player Agent – Little League Baseball at , or Jim Kabakow, Vice President–Little League Baseball at .   

Thank you.


Little league baseball age determination date to move to August 31 for the 2018 season

Effective in 2018, Little League has decided to "change the Age Determination Date for all divisions of Little League Baseball and the Little League Challenger Division® to August 31. This change will make the Little League Baseball Division, also known as the Major Division, truly a 12 and under program – ensuring that no child playing in the Little League/Major Division will turn 13 years old at any point during their final season in that division. The same will be true with the upper age limit at all teenage divisions of Little League Baseball." However, this change is effective immediately for the 4-10 age groups. Update: Effective November 2015, the implementation plan has been amended, grandfathering the four-months of children born between May 1 and August 31, 2005 as 12-year-olds for the 2018 season.


8/3/15 - The Westport 10U girls softball team jumps for joy after beating Waterford 3-1 for the Connecticut State Championship

8/3/15 - Congratulations to the Westport A's-- champions of the Fairfield Summer House League 11-12s division!

8/2/15 - The Westport 10U All-Stars celebrate their LaMotta Tournament win in Stamford after defeating Darien 12-11 in the championship game.

7/12/15 - Westport Sweeps Monroe 9U Tournament Via Walkoff Single


If you have any questions please email:  .

For more information, please consult the Parent Handbook.


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Team Challenger Halloween Party
Team Challenger Halloween Party     
Highlights from Youth Sports Speaker
“Community Conversation about Youth Sports” on Oct. 20,...
Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball website!
Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball...
Team Challenger Halloween Party

Team Challenger Halloween Party 



by posted 10/30/2014
Highlights from Youth Sports Speaker
“Community Conversation about Youth Sports” on Oct. 20, 2011, at Bedford Middle School by Dr. Richard Ginsburg.  The presentation was helpful ensuring a positive sports experience for your child.

Summary from the speaker:

Take Home Points for Parents
1. Use a 5:1 ratio of accurate praise to constructive feedback
2. Avoid post-game criticisms of your chold for first 24 hours
3. First post-game question is “How was it?” NOT “Did you win or
did you score?”
4. Numbers 2 & 3 are very hard to do.
5. Kids are NOT mini-adults
6. Talent develops well into late-teens
7. Make sure it is your child who most wants to play
8. Recognize when it is time to step back
9. Be aware of changing pressures on coaches
10. Fun and joy are best predictors for long-term success &

For further details regarding Dr. Ginsburg, please visit his website, Copies of Whose Game Is It, Anyway? will be available for sale on the website and are also available at the Westport Library.

Whose Game Is It, Anyway?
Richard D. Ginsburg, Ph.D.
MGH PACES Institute
Harvard Medical School

by posted 11/01/2011
Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball website!
Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball website.  You will find information on baseball for ages 5-12 here.  WLL is a subdivision of Westport Baseball & Softball which also oversees Softball and Advanced Baseball (ages 13-19).  Please see the links above for information on these programs.  Feel free to send us suggestions on the site and our programs on the "Feedback" page.  

by posted 01/08/2011
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