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Team Challenger Halloween Party
by posted 10/30/2014

Team Challenger Halloween Party 



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Highlights from Youth Sports Speaker
by posted 11/01/2011

“Community Conversation about Youth Sports” on Oct. 20, 2011, at Bedford Middle School by Dr. Richard Ginsburg.  The presentation was helpful ensuring a positive sports experience for your child.

Summary from the speaker:

Take Home Points for Parents
1. Use a 5:1 ratio of accurate praise to constructive feedback
2. Avoid post-game criticisms of your chold for first 24 hours
3. First post-game question is “How was it?” NOT “Did you win or
did you score?”
4. Numbers 2 & 3 are very hard to do.
5. Kids are NOT mini-adults
6. Talent develops well into late-teens
7. Make sure it is your child who most wants to play
8. Recognize when it is time to step back
9. Be aware of changing pressures on coaches
10. Fun and joy are best predictors for long-term success &

For further details regarding Dr. Ginsburg, please visit his website, Copies of Whose Game Is It, Anyway? will be available for sale on the website and are also available at the Westport Library.

Whose Game Is It, Anyway?
Richard D. Ginsburg, Ph.D.
MGH PACES Institute
Harvard Medical School

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Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball website!
by posted 01/08/2011

Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball website.  You will find information on baseball for ages 5-12 here.  WLL is a subdivision of Westport Baseball & Softball which also oversees Softball and Advanced Baseball (ages 13-19).  Please see the links above for information on these programs.  Feel free to send us suggestions on the site and our programs on the "Feedback" page.  

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